Chickpea Spinach Spanish Paella

Updated: Jun 8

Since moving to Atlanta, just over five years ago, Ricky has always had to go to a local bar to watch his favorite team, Seattle Seahawks since the game never airs on the local stations here. He dresses up in all of his favorite Seahawks gear because if he doesn't "they might lose." (Someone needs to tell him that his theory is not working.)

nerd :D

He's quite the fan and, at one point, thought he was the only fan in Atlanta until one day, when he met a little friend (also dressed in Seahawks gear) at that same bar. They've been Seahawks besties ever since and, it turns out, his new friend has a lovely wife from Spain and three amazing little kids. We've embraced their friendship over the years and enjoyed lots of holiday gatherings together that include love, laughter, thoughtful discussions and ... the most delicious Spanish paella.

We've had paella at their house for Christmas parties, summer parties and we even had it at our recent Super Bowl party where it was a huge hit. Paella is the perfect party food because it makes so much, plus it's pretty simple to make!