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Mind Body Green - 6 Foods to Help You Focus

Mind Body Green - 9 Ways to Snap Out of a Bad Mood ASAP

Mind Body Green - 8 Reasons You Should Fall in Love with Dark Chocolate

Style Craze - 12 Amazing Benefits of Walking and Useful Tips

Style Craze - 5 Effective Acro Yoga Poses for a Healthy Body

Style Craze - What is the Best Time to Do Yoga?

Style Craze - 20 Things You Must Know Before You Start Practicing Yoga

Style Craze - 6 Fantastic Yoga Asanas That Will Help You Fight Skin Problems

Style Craze - 7 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Style Craze - 10 Easy Yoga Poses to Alleviate Anxiety and Depression


Follow Your Kind Podcast - Nichole Dandrea on Chocolate, Kindness and 53 Reasons to Eat More Plants

Vegan Business Media - Interview with Nichole Dandrea of nicobella organics

Voyage Atlanta - Meet Nichole Dandrea-Russert of Old Fourth Ward

iHeart Radio, Fearless and Fabulous You - Facts on Fiber for Your Best Health

Real Food.Real Conversations with Sophia DeSantis - Why is Fiber Important?

Real Food.Real Conversations with Sophia DeSantis - How to Prevent Heart Disease

What's Cooking Today, CRN Radio - All About Fiber 


Realtor dot com - CIever Things You Can Do With leftover Halloween Pumpkins 

Baby Chick - Immune Boosting Smoothies

The Healthy - Following These Fad Diets Could Raise Your Risk of Diabetes

Cheap Flights - Veggie Travel Tips for Vegetarians and Vegans on Vacay

The Active Times - 11 Healthy Snacks Every College Student Should Have

The Culture Trip - How Healthy is the Vegan Diet, Experts Weigh In

Vitacost - The Best Diet Plan in 2018 Could Be Plant-Based

Thrive Global - Is the Mediterranean Diet Eco Friendly?

Spark People - 10 Healthy Foods That Deserve a Place in Your Diet

Self - What Registered Dietitians Order at Fat Food Restaurants

Oxygen - 10 Ways to Get Protein in a Vegan Diet

30 Seconds - Moroccan Baked Chickpeas

Eating Well - Foods for Better Sleep According to Dietitians

Eat This - This Vitamin Could Extend Your Life

Parade - If You Want to Drop a Few Pounds – or Maintain a Healthy Weight – Add These Complex Carbs to Your Diet

The Healthy - Foods to Avoid With Gout

Insider - Plant-Based Meats

Livestrong - Signs of Not Eating Enough Carbs

The Beet - How to Choose the Healthiest Carbs

Kor Shots - Daily Greens That Aren't Kale

Real Simple - 13 High Protein Snack Foods to Boost Energy

My Fitness Pal - Nutrition Books That Dietitians Recommend

Clean Eating Mag - 10 Reasons to Eat More Fiber

Men's Health - Kale Might Be the World's Most Nutritious Plant

Go Wellness - Collagen Benefits

Go Wellness - How Much Fiber Should You Have a Day?

Veg News - Which Plant-Based Foods Have the Most Fiber?

Eat This, Not That - 5 Proven Ways to Live Longer, According to Doctors

Forbes Health - Bloom Greens Review

U.S. News - Can Eating a Plant-Based Diet Help with Hot Flashes?

U.S. News - Is Palm Oil Bad for You?

Mind Body Green - Soluble Fiber vs Insoluble Fiber: What's the Difference and Do I Need Both

AJC - Need to lower your blood pressure? Try these plant-based recipes

AJC - Chipotle Chickpea Salad is One Way to Make Fiber Delicious

AJC - Recipes: Impress Your Valentine with Heartfelt Treats

Eat This, Not That - The Best Frozen Foods at Walmart

The Healthy - Are Pecans Good for You? Here's What Nutritionists Say

Baby Chick - 14 Delicious Immune-Boosting Smoothies

Best Life Online - Eating These Three Fruits Before Bed Will Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep

Veg News - Which Plant-Based Foods Have the Most Fiber?

Simply RecipesIs It Safe To Eat Sprouted Potatoes? Here’s What the Experts Say

Simply Recipes - The Only Way to Prevent Bagged Salads and Greens From Rotting 

The Spruce Eats - Do You Always Have to Rinse Rice?

MindBodyGreenHemp Protein 101: Pros, Cons, Shopping Tips & Healthy Ways To Use It

Veg News - The Best Vegan Nutrition Tips for a Sports Injury Recovery, According to a Dietitian

Woman's World - Fight Inflammation with These Foods - 7 Ways to Clean Up Your Diet

MindBodyGreen - Incomplete Proteins: Sources, Misconceptions and How to Use Them 

Good Rx - How to Age Gracefully

Better Homes & GardensNon-Wheat Noodles Are Everywhere Now—and Anyone Can Enjoy Their Many Benefits

Simply Recipes - The Four Reasons Your Eggplant is Bitter and How to Avoid It


11 Alive/Atlanta and Company - Purge the Pantry with Nichole Dandrea

11 Alive/Atlanta and Company - Mood Improving Foods

11 Alive/Atlanta and Company - Nutritious Foods to Keep You Warm

11 Alive/Atlanta and Company - Yummy Black Bean Burger Recipe

WGNTV - Black Bean Burgers

WGNTV - Lunch Break Vegan Chili

The LIST TV - Fiber Facts

The Weather Channel, Pattrn - World Vegan Day

The Weather Channel, Pattrn - How to Eat for the Planet

The Weather Channel, AMHQ - Eating Seasonally for Human Health and the Health of the Planet

The Weather Channel, Weekend Recharge - Ways to Have a Greener Thanksgiving

The Weather Channel, AMHQ - A Healthy (and Tasty!) Plant-Based Thanksgiving

The Weather Channel, AMHQ - How to Eat Healthy During the Holiday

WFLA News - Drop Weight with Fiber


Best Friends Animal Society - Easy Black Bean Burgers (featuring Mariposa!)

Best Friends Animal Society - Colorful Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Best Friends Animal Society - Chipotle Chickpea Salad (featuring Jug the foster pup!)

Book Reviews

Times News Online: Fitness Master: The title misleads, but this nutrition handbook’s a worthwhile read

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