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about nichole

plant based dietitian nutritionist and yoga instructor

A little more about my professional background … 


My hobbies include ...

... hiking, gardening, and volunteering with any animal organizations, like local shelters and farm sanctuaries (instant mood boosters!). I also love dark chocolate so much that I a chocolate company, nicobella organics, that was in business for for ten years. Nicobella was featured in Veg News, Organic Spa, Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, and had a special debut on Rachael Ray as "Snack of the Day." Finding new dark chocolate from countries around the world continues to be one of my favorite activities of all time. I encourage everyone to enjoy 1–1.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily. :) I live in Atlanta with my husband, Ricky, and our rescue pup, Mariposa. We have family in New Jersey and Washington state, where we visit often. 

Hi there, friends! I am Nichole Dandrea-Russert — consider me to be your mind and body wellness guide, cheerleader, and girlfriend-like support as you move through each day.


To give you a little background, I have been a dietitian nutritionist for 28 years with a focus on plant-based eating for the past 10 years. I also teach yoga and am a forever yoga student myself, always learning through each practice. 


Using nutrition, yoga, and meditation, I help individuals achieve mind body health. My areas of specialization include using plant-based eating and lifestyle practices to boost mood, balance hormones, and sleep well. I especially enjoy helping women going through perimenopause and menopause ease their symptoms through diet, movement, and stress management.


While I believe (through research, personal experience, and work with clients) that plant-based foods can be the foundation for a healthy body and mind, I also believe that health is very multifaceted and every person is an individual. There isn't one template that fits all. I like to take my time getting to know you and what makes YOU thrive. 


Movement (whatever movement you love to do), meditation (whatever that looks like to you), connection (with family and friends), and more factors (like social, financial, and societal) may influence your health. My approach is to help you adopt lifestyle habits that help you be your healthiest, highest self so that, when life stressors come your way, you're equipped to deal with the stressors from a place of being grounded, balanced, and focused

Another wonderful thing about plant-based eating is its positive impact on the planet. Every time you add more plant-based foods to your plate, you support clean fresh water and air, rainforests, land, wildlife, farmers, and indigenous people. To learn more about plant-based eating for the planet, visit my article, 7 Reasons to Eat More Plants for the Planet

Email me today for an appointment or book a FREE 15-minute consult so we can get to know each other better. Or, simply send me a note to say hello!


Can’t wait to meet you! Thank you for stopping by the purely planted website. Kindly, Nichole

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