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Why Plant-Based?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Thanks for asking! There are so many reasons to eat more plants — many reasons for your health, many reasons for the environment and many reasons for animals. Below is just a short overview. More details on each reason to eat more plants will embody this blog so tune in weekly if you want Purely Planted inspiration.

If you're looking to improve your health, eating more plants has been shown in thousands of studies to not only provide quality living each and every day, but it's also been shown to reverse heart disease, diabetes and prevent cancer among many other things. To read more about the powerful effects of plants, read here. 

Plant-based eating is also best for the environment. Every second, a football field of forest is destroyed to make room for animal agriculture. This clears out beautiful trees that are essential for the eco system. It leaves hundreds of native animal species homeless (including orangutans, sloths, birds, insects and more). And it adds hundreds of cows to this empty land space who produce methane gases that are far worse for the environment the car emissions. A recent study found that if everyone ditched meat, it would be equivalent to taking 660 million cars off the road. 

For obvious reasons, plant-based is also best for animals. The more you eat plants, the more lives you save. 99 percent of animal products in the supermarket come from factory farms. Factory farms are not a good place for animals or the people working there.

So whether you care about animals or people, or both, eating more plants supports a healthy world. 


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