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How to Stay Healthy Eating Plant-Based on the Go!

Updated: May 30, 2022

Eating healthy while traveling can be a challenge for anyone, but perhaps even more challenging for travelers looking for whole, plant-based food options. We live in a fast-food world with choices filled with saturated fat, sodium, sugar and excess calories. These foods are anything but nutrient dense.

Traveling should be fun and worry-free, and can be with a little bit of planning. So how can we travel and stay healthy while following a plant-based diet?

See below for 5 tips that will keep you feeling your best on your next trip.

Tip #1 Look past the main menu when ordering at restaurants.

Some salads include meat, cheese and egg, but try creating your own plant-based salad but asking the server to remove the items and add substitutes like avocado, nuts, seeds or beans. (Also remember to ask for no croutons- some croutons are made from milk.) You can also ask for more immune-boosting vegetables to include the salad. Or, look at the menu side dishes and get creative by making a meal with several sides!

Tip #2 Pack some raw veggies, hummus and crackers for your trip.

Packing some raw vegetables or whole grain/seed crackers and a small container of hummus makes for a great snack or addition to any ordered salad.

Tip #3 Pack oatmeal packets

Oatmeal packets (plain with no added sugar) simply require the use of water and a microwave. Carry a small container of nuts like almonds or walnuts as well as some hemp seeds to make your oatmeal even more delicious and nutrient-dense. Oatmeal is a great snack and source of sustainable energy, making it perfect for traveling.

Tip #4 Utilize resources to find plant-based friendly meal options.

Happy Cow and Peta’s 2019 restaurant list are awesome sources to find restaurants that are veg-friendly. Many restaurants like Chipotle have online nutrition tools that allow you to build your meal with vegetarian or vegan friendly options. Planning ahead, knowing which restaurants have plant-based options, will help you stay nourished and energized for long days of travel.

Tip #5 Create healthy snacks you can easily take with you.

Try this easy and delicious homemade granola or no bake energy balls that you can easily prepare and package before a long day of traveling. You'll be happy you have them when there are limited options at the airport or on the airplane!

Planning ahead is key for a healthy and cold-free traveling experience. Try these tips to help you plan ahead for your next big trip. Have your own traveling tips? Please share below!

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Hello! My name is Caroline Williams and I am a dietetic intern in Georgia State's coordinated program. I am studying to become a registered dietitian with hopes to one day work in pediatric weight management. Weight management and choosing more plant based foods go hand in hand, so I have become increasingly interested in a plant-based lifestyle!


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