How to lose weight, increase energy and feel your healthiest

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

As you move into the new year think about adding {high fiber and nutrient dense} LAYERS to your meals. This will make you feel full faster, optimize your nutrition, give you sustained energy AND make your meal even more delicious.

  • Add berries, pomegranates, hemp seeds or chia seeds, walnuts or almonds and flax meal to your oatmeal.

  • Add leafy greens, veggies, sprouts, kimchi, spices and herbs to rice and bean bowls, sandwiches and wraps.

  • Add nuts, seeds, herbs, nutritional yeast berries and citrus to salads.

The more plant-based, fiber-rich, nutrient-dense foods you add, the more full you’ll be and will therefore eat less calories. Also, you’re blood sugar will be controlled, meaning you’ll have sustained energy throughout the day (no more afternoon slumps!).

When you add high fiber, nutrient dense layers you will:

  • Lose weight

  • Feel energized

  • Have glowing skin

  • Focus more

  • Fight inflammation and pain

  • Prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and Alzheimer’s

  • Be in a happy mood every day

  • Feel your best

How do you like to layer your meals?

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