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Food Journal Your Way to Health

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

National Nutrition Month Tip #12

Grab your favorite journal or purchase one you love and start food journaling. Make it fun and inspiring. Journaling your food can not only cultivate mindfulness and help you be conscious of what you eat, but it can also spark inspiration and creativity. You might find that it’s time to try something new or drink more water (with hibiscus or lemon) or incorporate a farmers market find that you’ve never tried before.

Food journaling has also been shown to help people lose weight or keep a healthy weight.

Also, write down how you feel when eating certain foods. Or, be playful and draw a cute yellow flower next to foods that make you feel energized or a heart next to foods that make you feel grounded.

Being mindful, aware and conscious about what you eat can help create better habits. Grab yourself a cute book like this one from seras.bullet.journal ( 📷 ) and start today.

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