11 Ethical Dark Chocolate Companies That Give Back

Updated: Feb 7

You can take the girl out of the chocolate, but you can't take the chocolate out of the girl. Since I closed nicobella organics, I've been on a search for the best dark chocolate that is vegan, ethical AND gives back, especially when gifting for the holidays. Below is what I've found, but first...

Why ethically sourced chocolate is important

70% of the world's chocolate is sourced from West Africa where child slavery and/or slavery is most prominent (much of it coming from Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire). The Food Empowerment Project does not recommend any chocolate coming from West Africa since there is still slavery influence in West Africa and no guarantee that the cacao beans sourced from West Africa are indeed ethically sourced. Read more about slavery chocolate here. You can look for Fair Trade or Fair for Life certifications, however, there can be flaws in the certification process. Read more about the certifications here.

Know your source

When selecting chocolate, it's helpful to know the origin of the cacao beans. Choose chocolate from South and Central America, Dominican Republic, Tanzania or Madagascar (East Africa countries). Most bean-to-bar makers will list the origin and perhaps even the farmers who cultivate the beans and who are heavily involved (but often get overlooked) with creating the delicious flavors you experience in the finished product.

Here are my personal top picks for ethically sourced, vegan dark chocolate companies that not only make delicious chocolate, but also give back.

1. Xocolatl

Values: I can say firsthand that this is one of my favorite chocolate companies, not just because the chocolate is one of my favorites of all time, but also because it's family-owned and their ethics are first-rate.

Veganism: All of their products are vegan! Even their Pumpkin Spiced "white chocolate" Bark is made with almond milk, plus delicious healing spices.

Giving Back: They work towards sustainable and equitable systems of consumption by sourcing ingredients responsibly and work directly with farmers in their processes, negotiating fair prices whenever possible.

Vegan Gifts: You can't go wrong with any of these beautiful and delicious gifts, but I just gifted someone this Dark Chocolate Decadence Box and I'm pretty confident they're going to love me forever based on their thank you note.

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