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Vegan Resource List

Updated: May 30, 2022

Sometimes you just need some resources to get started. Sometimes you need some resources to stay inspired. Either way, we've got you covered! Whether you're vegan or veg-curious for health, the planet or animals, we think you'll enjoy the vegan resource list below.

Lifestyle Blogs

1. The Compassionate Road

2. My Vegan Journal

3. No Meat Athlete

4. Rich Roll

5. The Vegan Strategist

6. Your Daily Vegan

7. Eco-Vegan Gal

8. Jessie May

9. Like A Vegan

10. And of course, Purely Planted!

Recipe Blogs

1. Vegan Richa

2. The Plant Philosophy

3. Keepin' It Kind

4. Healthy Happy Life

5. Olives for Dinner

6. Oh Lady Cakes

7. The First Mess

8. The Vegan 8

9. Brownble (offers eClasses!)

10. The Full Helping

11. Nutritiously (includes a meal plan)

Local Groups

Because being plant-based is better together. And honestly, who doesn't love a good meet-up?

It turns out one of the best places to find niche groups is through an awesome website called Meet Up! You can enter your location and what type of people you'd like to connect with (in this case vegans or plant-based folks) and the website will generate a list of existing local groups. How cool is that?

Facebook Groups:

Vegan Food Tour Group

Vegan Atlanta

Metro Atlanta Vegetarian and Vegan

Local Upcoming Events

The 5th Annual Veggie Connection

What: Plant-based food, vendors, speakers, live music and more.

When: August 31, 2019


VEGANish: ATLs Vegan/Vegetarian Block PartyOrganizations

What: Gathering of vegan and vegetarian atlantans to celebrate their lifestyle

When: August 31, 2019


The 9th Annual Veggie Taste

What: Tasting event where chefs will be sampling their cuisine.

When: September 21, 2019


MEAT OUT: Vegetarian Food and Wholistic Health Fair

What: Meet-up for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores who want to learn more about cruelty-free and healthy lifestyles.

When: October 19, 2019


Atlanta Veg Fest

What: An annual meet up to promote plant-based lifestyle and compassion for people, animals and the environment.

When: November 2019



Joining an organization is a great way to engage with the community, volunteer to assist with movements and/or projects you support and maybe even meet a few people! Here are few of the top vegan organizations and what they are all about.

Movement for Compassionate Living

About: This is an organization that promotes sustainable living practices and veganism. They support local vegan farms, local produce and land based societies.

Vegan Outreach

About: Vegan Outreach is an organization that strives to end violence towards animals by encouraging people to go plant-based (we support this motion!). They have a massive student outreach, a 10-week to vegan support group and other resources to help ease the transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

Mercy for Animals

About: This organization is striving to construct a compassionate food system that alleviates the exploitation and mistreatment of animals. Mercy for Animals visits factory farms, courtrooms and corporate offices to advocate for their cause.

Farm Sanctuary

About: Farm Sanctuary strives to end factory farming abuse and bring awareness to farm animals. They are the nation's largest farm animal rescue and protection program. Pretty cool!


Becoming Vegan (the Express Edition)

By Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina

How to Not Die

By Gene Stone and Michael Gregor

The China Study

By T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell

30 Non-Vegan Excuses (and how to respond) *FREE*

By Earthling Ed

Eat to Live

By Joel Fuhrman

The Cheese Trap

By Dr. Neal Barnard

Meal Prep Services

If meal prep services is the key to you living your best vegan life, we aren't judging! Below you'll find some of the best vegan meal prep services available.

The Purple Carrot

Take Out Kit

Sun Basket





Food Nerd

Fresh N' Lean

Being plant-based might seem challenging at times. We hope these resources make it a little easier for you!

Want to dive further into plant-based eating?

Visit all plant-based recipes here.

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Get 5-minute plant-based dressing recipes here. (FREE!).

Book a 15-minute FREE consultation here.

Get a customized weekly meal plan with recipes and shopping lists, as well as email and texting support here ($97 a month).

Hi! My name is Cassady Black and I am a student in Georgia State University’s coordinated program for dietetics. I have been very passionate about health, wellness and nutrition for a long time, while I have been veg-curious for a short period of time. I also love to try my hand at blogging and content curation. My ultimate goal is to start a virtual business that allows individuals easy access to solid nutrition guidance and lifestyle change!

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