4 Foods to Help You Get Grounded

Feeling scattered and unfocused? Get grounded by eating grounding foods. Overall, a plant-based diet can help to stabilize blood sugar, stay focused and feel satisfied but there are also certain foods that can help you be more grounded.

  1. Root vegetables like sweet potatoes, radish, squash and carrots can make you feel grounded with their gentle boost in energy plus key phytonutrients.

  2. Stabilizing your blood sugar can help you feel grounded. Eat foods high in magnesium including dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds and dark chocolate.

  3. Get grounded by healing your gut—eat a high fiber diet along with probiotic rich foods like miso, tempeh, kraut, kimchi and plant-based yogurt.

  4. Bonus tip: avoid sugar and drink healing green tea in place of coffee.

What foods make you feel more grounded?

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