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Happy National Nutrition Month!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

March is National Nutrition Month—a perfect time to start eating more plants!

Not only are plant-based foods delicious, like this crazy yummy breakfast burrito from a page in Dr. Michael Greger’s, “How Not To Die” recipe book, but they also heal your body, preserve the planet and don’t harm animals, so what’s not to love?

If you’re trying to eat more plants, I’ll be sharing nutrition tips all month long so stay tuned!

National Nutrition Month Tip #1

If you haven’t already, read “How Not To Die” by Dr. Michael Greger. It’ll set you up for success as you plan your plant-based journey. The book offers evidence-based research supporting the benefits of plant-based eating for heart health, cancer prevention, blood pressure control, diabetes control and more. If you're interested in eating more plants for your health, then look no further than this book to give you the knowledge and inspiration to start eating more plants today. Purchase it on Amazon or Dr. Greger's website.

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