Slow Cooker Vegan Sausage Soup (with Greens and Beans!)

Updated: May 30

I owe you an apology. I'm so sorry that I waited until (almost) March to share a soup recipe that really should have been your go-to soup all winter long. That said, it is still a bit chilly and good soup weather in some areas of the country. And, in my opinion, this soup also tastes decent chilled (although served hot with a warm sliced of crusty, seedy, whole grain bread tops the {vegan} cake). This soup checks all the boxes in that it is:

  • warm and comforting.

  • bursting with flavor.

  • brimming with nutrition.

  • easy-peasy to make.

  • something that the entire family will love.

If including daily leafy greens is a challenge for you, this soup is the perfect way to sneak in those superstars. (By the way, it's a challenge for most people so don't beat yourself up over it!) Beans and Tempeh substitute meat, but offer similar satisfying textures and flavors so, trust me, you will not miss meat at all. Plus, by swapping beans and tempeh in place of meat, you're eliminating inflammatory saturated fat (causes disruption in gut health), unhealthy heme iron (has been linked to heart disease), and TMAO-inducing carnitine (an amino acid that has been shown to increase TMAO, a substance which may increase risk of heart disease). Not only are you omitting those unhealthy things when you add beans and tempeh in place of meat, but you're also adding tons of fiber (good for gut health, cholesterol, inflammation, and much much more), plant protein (much better for your health than meat protein), and lots of phytonutrients, or plant nutrients, that can only be found in ... plants!

Make the tempeh sausage first on the stovetop, then, if you have a crockpot, simply add all of the soup ingredients to the crockpot before waiting patiently while the home permeates with the most delicious aromas. Or, if you prefer the stovetop method, those instructions are available below as well (and the home will smell equally scrumptious).