How to Stock a Plant-Powered Pantry

Updated: Jul 12

image credit The Beet

Interested in eating more plants but unsure where to start? Having the right plant-based essentials on hand is one of the first steps to eating more plant-based foods.

Plant-based eating can be daunting at first. I remember when I first went vegan in 2013 and asked my husband to join me. Thankfully, he was open to trying it for a couple of weeks. After the first week and the last plate of steamed broccoli (there may have been a few pasta nights in there too), he said, "If we keep eating like this, I don't think I'll last another week." I couldn't agree more. Pasta was my go-to. And, don't get me wrong, steamed broccoli is a lovely choice for a veggie, but it certainly wasn't sustainable as a recurring meal. That day, I purchased a plant-based cookbook to start learning how to properly prepare plant-based meals that are delicious, satisfying, nourishing, and would keep us coming back for more. (By the way, Isa Does It! is still a go-to for me when I'm looking for cooking inspiration.)

I've also witnessed another scenario and curious if it sounds familiar to you: You're standing in the middle of the grocery store, staring blindly at the vegan foods section. You're thinking, well, it all looks interesting, but where the heck do I start? It’s possible that you go home with a few new items that scream plant-based, like black beans, bananas, berries … and chocolate covered almonds (I mean, the label says “made with plants” and “dairy-free” so, why not?) Or, perhaps just being in the grocery store, with hundreds of options, like plant-based meats, dried beans in bulk, and vegan cheese, is enough to cause your brain to explode so you grab a few familiar snacks, head home and call it a day (been there!). Sigh. There’s always tomorrow.

Maybe you’ve been diving into plant-based eating for some time now and curious if you’re “doing it right.” Or, perhaps you’ve been a plant-powered enthusiast for years and are looking for new inspiration and ideas to stock your kitchen.

Whether you’re brand new to plant-based eating, have been getting your feet wet for some time, or a long-term devotee to plants, I'm about to give you a glimpse and offer ideas on how you might stock your own plant-powered pantry.