15 Ways to Easily Help the Planet From Your Home

Updated: May 16

It's International Mother Earth Day. It's a time to celebrate our planet, but before we start celebrating, we have some work to do. Our earth is calling on us while nature suffers through flooding, droughts, wildfires, and a recent record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season. Species extinction is occurring at an astronomical rate. We are losing 15 billion trees each year as a result of human civilization and agriculture. Trees are not only known for their beauty, but they're also essential for life with their ability to help us breathe better and manage the atmosphere through carbon sequestration. Human-made changes to nature and acts that disrupt biodiversity, such as deforestation, land-use change, animal agriculture, and livestock production are big drivers of climate change, accelerating the destruction of the planet. A recent report from the United Nations stated that unless governments everywhere reassess their energy policies, the world will be uninhabitable. In a recent United Nations report, it was stated that, unless action is taken soon, some major cities will be under water. The forecast? The UN Chief predicts, “unprecedented heatwaves, terrifying storms, widespread water shortages and the extinction of a million species of plants and animals.” He goes on to say, "It is what science tells us will result from our current energy policies. We are on a pathway to global warming of more than double the 1.5-degree (Celsius, or 2.7-degrees Fahreinheit) limit” that was agreed in Paris in 2015."

Those statements are rattling, to say the least. Changing government policies may seem out of reach, however it's an opportunity to use our voices. Vote for policy makers that care and plan to take action. Make your voice heard by visiting organizations like The Solutions Project, One Tree Planted, Food Tank, and Environmental Defense Fund to sign their petitions or donate to their efforts. Join your local Sierra Club and get busy with trash cleanup or planting trees in your own community. Together, we can make a difference.

While it may not feel like much, each individual action can make a big impact on the planet. There are some obvious things we can do like eat more plant-based meals, reduce our waste, minimize plastic, plant trees, or drive electric cars. But, we also need to raise our voices and ask that corporations take actions to curb climate change. Vote with your dollar and support companies that are committed to helping the planet by ditching plastic, using compostable waste, and minimizing their overall impact on the planet. If there is a company you use on the regular and they're not practicing healthy planet outcomes, ask them to make a greater effort. Let them know that you support, and would like to continue supporting, them and that, as a loyal customer, you'd like to see them [fill in the blank ... use paper instead of plastic packaging, ship with less materials, stop using straws, etc]. Maybe they can offer recycling programs, use let plastic waste, or compost their food waste (in the case of restaurants). Approaching companies and policy changers in an inclusive and kind way, indicating that we are all in this together, may be an effective approach.