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Top 5 Benefits of Going Plant-Based

Updated: May 30, 2022

Guest post by Cassady Black, Georgia State Dietitian-to-Be

As someone who is not currently plant-based, the idea of transitioning to a plant-based diet is both intriguing and daunting. Don't get me wrong, I love my salmon, eggs and yogurt (let's be honest—the real thing that holds me back is ice cream). However, I often find myself wondering what health improvements I might see if I were to transition to a plant-based diet. So, I rounded up my top five benefits {perceived} to going plant-based!

1. Improve mood

An inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid called arachinonic acid is found in food items such as eggs, chicken and other meats and has been shown to cause neuro-inflammation, a.k.a, it causes the brain to become inflamed. Inflammation of the brain has been linked to increased suicide risk and episodes of depression. Significant improvements in depression, anxiety, fatigue and emotional well-being has been found in many individuals who adopt a plant-based diet. As someone who was literally born with anxiety, this is a benefit I could definitely cash in on.

2. Save money

Recently, I tried to make a budget. I gave myself a certain amount of money to spend each week on groceries. I have one word (acronym really): LOL. However, it seems that transitioning to a plant-based diet could be a little easier on the wallet. One source claims that going plant based has saved one family $4000 in two years!

3. Improve BMI

Many sources suggest that living a plant-based lifestyle equals a lower BMI and surely you've noticed by now all the noise on social media about certain "diets" or "cleanses" to reduce your waistline. We know that extreme diets and/or fad diets do not typically last long-term (sad, but true). Since going plant-based is definitely a lifestyle, not a diet, therefore, it is likely to be more sustainable.

4. Improve Fitness

I work out. I lift weights. I'm passionate about my fitness. So one concern with transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle for me is not getting enough protein and compromising my lean muscle mass. Turns out, going plant-based could actually improve your fitness status! One sources suggests that going plant-based not only provides adequate protein but also could eliminate the need for bulk/cut cycling. Instead, you could just be "cut" year-round. I mean, zero complaints here!

5. Improve Overall Wellness

I will take any opportunity I can to improve my health. Transitioning to a plant-based diet is associated with lesser incidences of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Say no more!

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Hi! My name is Cassady Black and I am a student in Georgia State University’s coordinated program for dietetics . I have been very passionate about health, wellness and nutrition for a long time, while I have been veg-curious for a short period of time. I also love to try my hand at blogging and content curation. My ultimate goal is to start a virtual business that allows individuals easy access to solid nutrition guidance and lifestyle change!



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