10 Easy to Grow Vegetables and Herbs (Indoor or Outdoor!)

Updated: Sep 28

Why Grow Your Own Food?

If you've watched the news, shopped for food, or filled up your car, you've probably noticed that everyday living prices have soared, making it an ideal time to consider growing your own food. Cultivating a garden is possible and can be fairly simple, requiring just a little time and space, whether it's limited indoor space with some window sills or a large outdoor space ready for some garden love. The benefits of growing your own food are enormous! You can save money, receive more nutrition, avoid pesticides, get more flavor, spend more time outside, get some exercise, reduce stress, and contribute to the planet.

Go Organic

Shopping for fresh vegetables and herbs can sometimes be pricey if you’re opting for

organic (which, whenever possible, is the ideal choice to avoid harmful pesticides). Save money (and time!) by growing your own vegetables and herbs at home. Seeds to grow your own plants cost around $1–$3.95 per seed packet, which contain multiple seeds that can produce several pounds of vegetables. Store-bought organic vegetables can cost approximately $1–$3.00 per pound. Growing your own vegetables and herbs can ensure that your produce remains organic and pesticide free.

Get Nourished

Another (big!) bonus to growing your own vegetables and herbs is that you can get exponentially more nutrition with homegrown produce. It’s tough to say how long produce has been sitting on the grocery store shelves or how long it took to be delivered from its origin to the store. The time it takes for produce to be harvested, transported to stores, and stocked on shelves (it could be several days or it could be several weeks!), causes many of the nutrients to be lost. Growing, harvesting and enjoying your homegrown produce is rewarding and nourishing for both the body and the mind.