10 Healthy Habits to Start NOW to Kick Off Your New Year

Updated: May 30

With the holidays in full swing you’re probably feeling many emotions from excitement to festive to warm and fuzzy. You may also be feeling insanely stressed, completely disorganized, and a bit overwhelmed (when someone gently tells you that Halloween is over and it’s time to put the Einstein hair away, you know it’s time for a reboot). For most of us, it’s A-OK and totally acceptable to feel a bit crazed during the holidays. It’s also admissible to overindulge, whether it’s alcohol, sweets, or social time. After all, what’s to worry about when we have new year resolutions just around the corner? The first day of January signifies new beginnings—a time when we can finally come up for air, take some “me-time,” and focus on our physical and mental health. What happens prior to the new year is often the antithesis of health — we neglect self-care of our bodies and our minds. Somehow, throughout the years, it’s become acceptable that the holidays are a time of stress and indulgence and the first day of the new year is when we will start treating our bodies well again. But, why wait?

Health Starts Now

What if you started to focus on your health right now, while you’re deeply immersed in the holiday craze? What would that look like and is it even possible? We are here to tell you, yes, it's absolutely possible! Not only is it possible, but you don’t even have to give up what you love to feel well now. Starting new healthy habits doesn't have to require major sacrifices. In fact, you may find that you thrive during the craze of the holidays once you implement some of these habits. And, to answer your question (we hear you loud and clear)—yes, you can have health while still drinking a glass of wine or indulging in that tasty dessert. Phew!

Here’s what you can expect after applying one or two of the healthy habit suggestions:

  • You may have more energy to juggle work, kids, and holiday shopping.

  • You may be more focused, organized and clear about holiday planning.

  • You may connect more deeply with family and friends at family and friend functions.

  • You may be happy to attend the 20th holiday party. (We can’t guarantee this and really hope you don’t have 20 parties to attend this season.)

This is just the short list.

Also, after adopting some of these habits, when someone says “happy holidays, how are you?” your response may be “I feel amazing!” instead of “I'm completely exhausted and can’t wait for these [bleeeeeeeeeep] holidays to be over.” Okay, maybe we’ve gone too far with the “I feel amazing!” exclamation, but it’s entirely possible. Just saying, be open. You never know!