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Hi friends, welcome! I'm Nichole, a plant-based dietitian nutritionist and a big believer that every little step towards health can make a big impact. Positive change starts with just one small seed planted. I also subscribe to the notion of adding abundance to your life and your plate for happiness and well-being. Adding vibrant plant-based foods to your plate so you feel nourished, energized, and vibrant can be simple, fun, and delicious! I'm here to help you with that. While every single person on our planet has unique nutritional requirements, we all can benefit from turning towards whole plant-based foods. Whether you want to start incorporating more plants into your diet, try Meatless Mondays, learn more about optimizing your current plant-based diet, or simply just curious about how adding more plant-based foods can help, take a look around the wellness blog, try some recipes or take a FREE course to get started. 

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3 Simple Tips to Start Eating More Plant-Based Today

Tip #1

Take it slow. Add one or two vegetables to your meals, experiment with one new plant-based recipe, or swap out a meat protein with plant-based protein this week. 

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Tip #2

Establish one or two simple and attainable goals a week — small steps can lead to big changes and a lifetime of healthy habits. 

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Tip #3

Visit the purely planted blog, try yummy recipes, or join a FREE course for more plant-based eating, nutrition and general health inspiration.

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