The Planet Friendly Holiday Gift Guide—Ethical Companies We Can Get Behind

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The simplest time of the year has arrived, when all those months of preparation, of listening to your friends and family share their deepest desires, has finally come to fruition, and you can knock out that holiday gift list to all those you hold dear in minutes. Just kidding. No matter how prepared you think you are, when the holiday season arrives it seems everyone always finds themselves at a loss for what to give. That is why we have decided to do the work for you.

Below is a list of not only the best gifts but also sourced from companies that are women and/or family-owned, many of which give back to the community and some that are founded right here in Atlanta. With the legendary year we’ve had, this holiday season is going to look a little different. These past months have had an impact on our community and the important economy of small businesses. If you’re feeling that certain twinge about how to spend your money this holiday season, give the gift of supporting companies who provide a positive impact for your community, your country and your planet, and you will impress even the pickiest of your family and friends.

From award-winning mini gelato pies and monthly subscriptions to fresh sustainable spices to eco-friendly clothes with impactful messages, we’ve tracked down the perfect presents for you to purchase this year.

Gifts for Giving a Little Peace….

1. Yo Soy Candle

image courtesy of Yo Soy Candle

Portland, OR — Who in your family has that inevitable candle addiction? These toxin-free soy candles offer an affordable, eco-conscious, clean-burning vibration lifting experience with every burn. The shop includes unique affirmation candles, and a candle creation bar (if you happen to be in the Portland area)! You can even give a monthly subscription soy candle box to a friend who needs to find a little peace and purpose.

Candle of the Month Box - $17.00/mo

Holiday Gift Set - $39.00

Special Deals - $8 flat rate shipping or free shipping on $75+ orders

2. Touch of Satin

image courtesy of A Touch of Satin

Washington Township, NJ — Sleeping on (cruelty-free) satin is just as beneficial to your skin and hair as it is to your mind for a restful night, and everyone’s mama needs a little satin to sleep on. The Touch of Satin eye pillows are made with organic flaxseed and lavender essential oil, and their therapy wraps give natural pain relief with their ability to be made cold or warm. Eye bags and back pain be-gone!

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows - Now $19.99 (from $25)

Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps - Now $35.00 (from $50.00)

Special Deals - All sales last through the holiday!

3. Green Heffa Farm

image courtesy of Green Heffa Farm

Liberty, NC — This farm is built on social equality. A tea company and a natural health brand, it focuses on growing boutique medical plants and herbs. Run by black female farmer Cee Stanley, Heffa Farm’s mission is to “live good while doing good for others” by growing high-quality crops with eco-consciousness. Their product eases your anxiety while they expand access to underserved and underrepresented farmers through the four Es: Economic empowerment, equity, education and environment.

saniTEA Hearbal Tea Blend - $29.99

Brenda’s Balm Hemp + Holy Basil Tea - $29.99

Special Deals - Get the Classic Pack for $27.00 now!

Gifts for the Eco-Conscious...

4. Right By Earth

image courtesy of Right By Earth

Atlanta, GA — This incredible company provides eco-friendly clothes and accessories for adults and kids, inspiring others to make decisions out of love that are right by the Earth. They even have a collection specifically inspired for children, a perfect gift for a young niece or nephew to promote a healthy respect for the planet. Be sure to check out their website! There's a new Christmas sale daily through December 10th so make sure to check their site daily.

Right By People

Right By Animals

Biodegradable Phone Cases - $29.00

The Next Generation

Special Deals - Get 25% off your first purchase! Check for a new sale on their website daily until December 10th.

5. Eco Denizen