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The Planet Friendly Holiday Gift Guide—Ethical Companies We Can Get Behind

Updated: May 4

The simplest time of the year has arrived, when all those months of preparation, of listening to your friends and family share their deepest desires, has finally come to fruition, and you can knock out that holiday gift list to all those you hold dear in minutes. Just kidding. No matter how prepared you think you are, when the holiday season arrives it seems everyone always finds themselves at a loss for what to give. That is why we have decided to do the work for you with this planet friendly holiday gift guide.

Below are some of the best gifts that are also sourced from companies that are women and/or family-owned, many of which give back to the community and some that are founded right here in Atlanta. With the legendary year we’ve had, this holiday season is going to look a little different. These past months have had an impact on our community and the important economy of small businesses. If you’re feeling that certain twinge about how to spend your money this holiday season, give the gift of supporting companies who provide a positive impact for your community, your country and your planet, and you will impress even the pickiest of your family and friends.

From soy-based candles and monthly subscriptions to fresh sustainable spices to eco-friendly clothes with impactful messages, we’ve tracked down the perfect presents for you to purchase this year.

Here's your planet friendly holiday gift guide

Gifts for Giving a Little Peace …

Portland, OR — Who in your family has that inevitable candle addiction? These toxin-free soy candles offer an affordable, eco-conscious, clean-burning vibration lifting experience with every burn. The shop includes unique affirmation candles, and a candle creation bar (if you happen to be in the Portland area)! You can even give a monthly subscription soy candle box to a friend who needs to find a little peace and purpose.

Candle of the Month Box - starting at $17.00/mo

Individual Candles - starting at $13

Special Deals - $8 flat rate shipping or free shipping on $75+ orders

self care, eye pillow
image courtesy of A Touch of Satin

Washington Township, NJ — Sleeping on (cruelty-free) satin is just as beneficial to your skin and hair as it is to your mind for a restful night, and everyone’s mama needs a little satin to sleep on. The Touch of Satin eye pillows are made with organic flaxseed and lavender essential oil, and their therapy wraps give natural pain relief with their ability to be made cold or warm. Eye bags and back pain be-gone!

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows - Now $20.25 (from $25)

Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps - Now $39.75 (from $50.00)

Special Deals - All sales last through the holiday!

Liberty, NC — This farm is built on social equality. A tea company and a natural health brand, it focuses on growing boutique medical plants and herbs. Run by black female farmer Cee Stanley, Heffa Farm’s mission is to “live good while doing good for others” by growing high-quality crops with eco-consciousness. Their product eases your anxiety while they expand access to underserved and underrepresented farmers through the four Es: Economic empowerment, equity, education and environment.

Lemon Balm Tea - $10.00

Special Deals - Get the Tea Sampler for $21.99 now!

Gifts for the Eco-Conscious...

Atlanta, GA — This incredible company provides eco-friendly clothes and accessories for adults and kids, inspiring others to make decisions out of love that are right by the Earth. They even have a collection specifically inspired for children, a perfect gift for a young niece or nephew to promote a healthy respect for the planet. Be sure to check out their website!

Special Deals - Get 25% off your first purchase!

yoga mat
credit: Yoloha

Charleston, SC — Who in your life practices yoga daily? These durable yoga mats last forever. Cork, which is the foundation for their mat, is grown in the Mediterranean and made from 100% renewable and recyclable material obtained through one of the most environmentally-friendly harvesting methods in the world. Additionally, right now $25 from every item you purchase is donated to the Loveland Foundation.

Special Deals - Donation-based yoga classes are offered on the website!

Gifts for the Eco-Conscious Home…

East Bay, CA — This family-owned company has a beautiful mission to make every home a natural home and create a balanced lifestyle for all personal spaces! They provide eco-friendly kitchen tools, cleaning tools and health and beauty products that are sustainable, credible and innovative. What else do you need to know?

Special Deals - Free shipping over $75!

Florida — Committed to the planet and a more sustainable world, EarthHero offers thousands of sustainable products that are assess by their 5-Pillar Sourcing Method. They're a Certified B Corp, 1% for the Planet Member, and a Climate Neutral Company. Simply put, they check the important boxes for all of your eco-shopping desires. Plus, they have some pretty neat goods that you may not find elsewhere!

Special Deals - Free shipping on orders over $75!

New York, NY — For those of you who read labels, these cleaning products are free of triclosan, parabens, phosphates, ammonia, and VOCs. You can buy the bottle once and then pay just $2 for the refills! This product saves your family money and stops you from throwing out plastic bottles and shipping lots of water. So, you can give the gift of a clean home AND a clean planet.

Starter Kits (vary in pricing)

Gatineau, Quebec — This company’s motto is simple and succinct, “Offering plastic-free essentials since 2006 for your journey toward a zero-waste lifestyle.” They are guided by health, environment, integrity and community to shepherd us into a world without fossil fuel-derived plastic. Their store has all the essentials from reusable straws and sandwich bags to natural bug repellent bars in metal tins. They even provide starter kits for all those beginning their journey to a plastic-free life.

Special Deals - Click the Sale tab on the website for an updated list of their current discounted products!

Gifts for the Friend with a Beauty Blog...

vegan and cruelty free skincare
image courtesy of Field Botanicals

Augusta, GA — Every woman wants to look her best, smell her best and treat her body best. Field Botanicals provides microbiome friendly body care, free of potentially harmful ingredients. All of their products are blends of plant oils, pure botanical infusions and extracts, and plant-based additives. It comes in adorable packaging, and p.s. the natural deodorant really works! Order now to get free shipping.

Philadelphia, PA — If you have a kid in your life who owns a ring light, they will love this incredible line. This cosmetic company has your best interests at heart, supplying clean, cruelty-free beauty products that nourish and protect skin while enhancing natural beauty. The website even includes a section for organic DIY recipes so you can learn to make your own incredible beauty products from supplies in your pantry.

Mint Gloss *Best-Seller* - $19.00

Special Deals - Freeshipfriends: free shipping, free gift with every purchase! Eye palette shades can even be individually replaced to reduce waste.

Denver, CO — For the sibling, niece or BFF who loves experimenting with cruelty-free make-up and skincare, this gift idea is perfect. Get up to $165 worth of hand-picked vegan & cruelty-free makeup, skincare & more delivered right to their door every month with an array of items to practice a new look and try out a new style every single month.

Special Deals - Spend $65, Save $10 - Spend $80, Save $15 - Spend $100, Save $25 - Spend $200, Save $40!

Gifts for the In-Laws or the host ...

body lotion
image courtesy of The Beehive

Atlanta, GA — Since opening in 2005, ATL’s first designer collective has offered an eclectic array of presents from local Atlanta designers. They pride themselves on providing gifts that are all local, handmade and modern. They spotlight each designer on their website so you can get to know the person you’re supporting.

B&B Gift Sets - $12.00 - $35.00

Special Deals - Check their website for workshops offered in the spring!

Atlanta, GA — Also known as MDC, these ultra-cool, concrete homewares and jewelry can be found on etsy or several locations around Atlanta (also at the Beehive!). Mona offers a small and welcome luxury for anyone who needs a little pick me up this year. They’re the perfect gift for a new homeowner or a cheerful pair of newlyweds.

Special Deals - Free shipping on $40+ orders

p.s. if you visit our home (this is Nichole), you'll find all things MDC!

Newnan, GA — Is there a present better this year than sending a hug? That is where the Hug Box comes in. They curate quality, eco-friendly products from professional, local artisans and create themed gift boxes for every occasion. Not only that, but they hand deliver their boxes to local hospitals and assisted living centers in Newnan. You can even build your own hug box on their website.

Build a Hugbox - varies in price

Gifts for Your Foodie Friend ...

Savage, MD—Their moto? Drink Coffee. Save Animals.

It's hard not to get behind this. Drinking a favorite beverage while helping animals in need definitely sounds like a win-win. They have lots of options for coffee lovers on their website from monthly subscriptions to care packages to single-origin coffee orders. P.S. If you live by Savage, MD (we wish we did!), you can visit their vegan coffee bar on Saturday or Sunday between 10 am-4 pm. Drink up, coffee lovers!

Subscription - $24.00

Atlanta, GA — The mission of this Atlanta based chocolate shop is to produce chocolate that positively impacts livelihoods, health and sustainability through focused growth. They create delicious treats that delight and satisfy. They’ve become an Atlanta staple and a crucial add as a stocking stuffer and that extra sweet holiday snacking.

Special Deals - Watch a documentary on their website all about the sustainable chocolate trade featuring Xocolatl! Also, get 15% off your first order.

Gifts for Your Friend Who’s Favorite Shop is the Grocery Store…

Do you know anyone who spends WAY too much money on store-bought plant-based milk? Is that someone you? If you or any of your friends happen to fit that description, Nut Milk Bags from Ellie’s Best produces the #1 nut milk bag for quality nut milk. You can use it to make nut milk, fresh juices, cold brew, the possibilities are endless. This is a kitchen staple and a creative gift for your vegan, health-conscious buddies.

Special Deals - Use code PURELYPLANTED for 10% off, and receive free shipping on all orders in the US.

19. Joi

Miami, FL — Thoughtfully designed packaging and 100% recyclable, Joi provides a plant base for your dairy substitutes. Blend with water for a milk in seconds. It’s a shelf stable plant concentrate, great in smoothies, paired with coffee, or for vegan baking and desserts and it will last in your pantry for a long time! Check out their website for a million ideas on how to incorporate Joi into your cooking.

Almond Base - $19.99

Cashew Base - $19.99

Special Deals - Use code PURELYPLANTED10 for 10% off, and check their website for specials on combo packs!

San Mateo, CA — Give the gift of better cooking this year with an incredible spice collection. Raw Spice Bar sells sets of spices that are transparently sourced, salt free, simple and healthy with no additives. They’ve been hailed by the kitchn, Brit + Co, the Washington Post and bon appetit for their small batch blends and seasonal recipes. They even offer a monthly subscription that delivers flavors from all over the world (this month it’s North India) to keep the kitchen fresh.

Special Deals - Everything is $6 and shipped in eco-friendly, compostable craft pouches.

Gifts for Friends with Pets...

Atlanta, GA — Do you have a habit of spoiling your pup? Maybe there’s a new pet in the neighborhood and you’re trying to get on its good side? Look no further than Big Daddy Biscuits. All of their biscuits are natural and organic, so you can feel good about knowing exactly what your best friend is being fed. These are true farm-to-table dog treats to give your pup a very happy holiday.

Special Deals - Get 15% off your first order when you sign up!

Newport, CA — While this adorable couple was in the process of getting married, they simultaneously created top quality, breathable, easy-care, super-comfortable bedding that is ALSO good for the environment. Choose from french Linen or bamboo and an array of accessories like microfiber towels for pups & eco-friendly and compostable dog poop bags. They even work to provide factory direct pricing to pass to their customers. And if you’re not quite into the holiday spirit yet, keep in mind that every purchase with Woof Linen goes directly toward helping a rescue! p.s. dogs LOVE the bedding too!

Bamboo Sheet Set - Starting at $126 (pillowcase)

Special Deals - Use code GIVEGIFT for 20% off!

Use this guide to walk into the holiday season feeling confident that you found the perfect gift for every member on your growing list. And share your recommendations below for the companies that deserve a place in your pile of presents this year!

But wait! Here's a bonus, for those of you who live in Australia.

Melbourne, Aus — This is the perfect gift for the cat lady in all of us. This urban oasis for your kitty is perfect for the suburban home. Green enclosures are made of cat plants to provide a leisurely and peaceful experience on the 24th floor balcony of that high rise apartment you live in. The Cat Park is made with completely organic soils and fertilizers, organically treated wood and delivered ready to thrive with everything your cat needs to enjoy a little lounging in his nature preserve.

Natural Oak Cat Park - starting at $125

Special Deals - Each cat park is built and grown to order! Free delivery across Melbourne.

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