Eating Plant-Based while Living on Campus

Updated: May 30

The first year of college can be stressful. Between living in a new place, attending rigorous classes, starting a new routine, and meeting new people, the last thing you'll want to worry about is how you’ll be able to eat well and maintain a plant-based or plant-forward diet. However, with the abundance of plant-based resources available, it's now much easier to enjoy a plant-based diet on campus. If you're just starting college, you probably live in a dorm or on-campus apartment. You also probably have meal plans allowing access to a variety of dining halls or restaurants on campus as well as small grocery stores or food markets. Below are a five tips to help you easily navigate plant-based eating while living on campus.

1. Plan Ahead

Check the dining menu before-hand so you know your options. Most campus dining services have online menus for each dining hall that includes nutrition information as well as designated labels to differentiate between vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and more. Checking the menus ahead of time will let you see what your options are for the day and which locations will be best to visit.

2. Utilize the food in the dining hall

Stock up on available fruits like oranges, apples and bananas and keep them in your bookbag for a snack in between classes. Those fresh fruits also make for a perfect afternoon smoothie or on the go breakfast in the morning.

3. Keep your dorm room full

If you have access to a fridge or mini-fridge, keep healt