5 Plant-Centric Documentaries To Inspire You and Your Non-Vegan Friends

Updated: May 30

To maintain any lifestyle, there is an underlying motivational force that must push you. Change can be challenging, and transitioning from an omnivorous to a vegan diet is no exception. Inspiration may fade and feel-good memories may become bittersweet moments of the past. These documentaries will continue to revive any staleness you might feel toward a vegan movement. Though documentaries are not a replacement for scientific research, if you’re looking for a way to inspire yourself and your friends, dip into this list of incredible films that address hard-to-reach, hard-to-understand, and often hard-to-watch conflicts about the current system of eating in the US and around the world.

1. For Friends Who Care About Animals - Earthlings

Directed by: Shaun Monson, 2005

Earthlings, narrated by the incredible Joaquin Phoenix, takes a hard look at humanity’s use of animals in their food, clothing, entertainment and experiments. Although difficult to watch (viewer discretion definitely advised), Earthlings is an extremely moving film. Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation, says about the documentary “If I could make everyone in the world see one film, I’d make them see Earthlings.” Using hidden cameras, this film captures never-before-seen footage about the economic dependence humans have on animals. You will find yourself covering your face like you’re watching Saw II. It still stands, 15 years later, as one of the most comprehensive films on this subject, and you will have no choice but to never forget it.

Find it here.

2. For Friends Who Care About The Healthcare System - What the Health

Directed by: Keegan Kuhn and Kip Andersen, 2017