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No Time to Cook? Try a Simple + Nourishing Plant-Based Meal Kit

Updated: May 30, 2022

Love cooking, but don’t have the time to search for recipes and grocery shop? We’ve got you covered! Meal delivery kits have become the new go-to for all things convenient, nutritious and flavorful. But, there are so many options so how do you choose? Searching through the hundreds of meal kit companies online to find the right one can take as long as going to the grocery store and preparing a meal.

We have done some online research for you (as well as tried a few!) and comprised a list of five meal kit companies that have tasty and nutritious plant-based offerings. Below, you’ll find each company ranked based on cost, meal variety, sustainability and reviews. Take a look to find which meal prep-kit company best fits your needs.

Green Chef is a USDA Certified Organic Company and they take pride in being "green." They source wholesome, clean, sustainable ingredients of the highest quality and work closely with farmers and food manufacturers who reinvest into the environment. Talk about sustainability! As for their packaging, they offer instructions on how to recycle or reuse the packaging material and are transparent about all of the materials they use. Green Chef has offset the carbon footprint of every box they have ever sold. Check out their list here. What we like about this company (as if that wasn't enough) is that you have the option to order meals for two or enough to feed a family of four. When ordering, you have a choice of a weekly menu that fits your dietary needs. You have the option of a weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription plan.

2-Person Plan: (1 box contains 3 dinners for 2 people — 6 meals/servings total per box)

  • Balanced Living starting at $11.99 per meal, $8.99 shipping

  • Plant-Powered starting at $11.99 per meal, $8.99 shipping

Pros: Green Chef uses organic, non-GMO ingredients and adventurous cuisine. They offer a huge variety of recipes, including many international dishes. The variety of flavors is a huge plus. The cost of the meal depends on your dietary plan. They partner with Plastic Bank to assist in plastic waste management.

Cons: You can't select your favorite recipes. Instead, you're sent a specific menu for the week. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are not offered at this time.

Cost: 7/10

Meal Variety: 9/10

Sustainability: 8/10

Reviews: 8/10

PS. Nichole and her husband have tried the plant-based meals from this box and say the meals are super delicious!

If you’re looking for a 100% Plant-Based meal kit company then Purple Carrot is the way to go. They believe that plants have the power to transform you and the planet. Choose from Quick & Easy, High-Protein, Gluten-Free or Chef’s Choice dinners. What’s nice about Purple Carrot is that the calorie amount, food allergens, and dietary preferences are labeled on every item that you choose. If you're worried about their packaging and sustainability, check out their "how to recycle" page. They offer 7 great tips and tricks for upcycling and composting. To order, you have a choice of two flexible serving plans:

  • 2 serving plan ($72 - 3 dinners per week; $95 - 4 dinners per week)

  • 4 serving plan ($80 - 2 dinners per week; $120 - 3 dinners per week)

Breakfast, lunch and snacks can be added A La Carte.

Receive up to $25 off your first week of meals on your first order.

Pros: There are a variety of plant-based options from which to choose. They provide nutritious, fresh ingredients and they're plant-based so, naturally, they help the environment. There are great reviews about the quality and taste of the meal options, and the convenience of this meal kit service. They always offer free shipping (big plus!).

Cons: The price is a little pricey for only dinner delivery, however free shipping is a huge bonus. They do use plastic and, although they offer the recycling page, it still adds some waste.

Cost: 7/10

Meal Variety: 9/10

Sustainability: 10/10 (The fact that they're fully plant-based is a big plus for the environment!)

Reviews: 8/10

Hungryroot is a neat concept. They’re not a 100% plant-based company, but they do offer plant-based options. They do a great job catering to different dietary restrictions and allergens. Instead of sending ingredients to make specific meals, they send you groceries. Their main focus is to provide you with nutritious whole-foods ingredients, free of partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and preservatives. To get started, you take a mini quiz so they can match you with the best groceries for you. You have the option to change the items you would like. They also provide recipes so you have a variety of meals you can make from what they sent you. Hungryroot packaging does come with a lot of plastic items, but they do offer instructions on how to recycle all of the different items. As for cost, they offer three standard subscriptions:

  • Small ($72- 3 or more two-serving meals, plus snacks or other individual items)

  • Medium ($102 - 4 or more two-serving meals, plus snacks or other individual items)

  • Large ($135 - 5 or more two-serving meals, plus snacks or other individual items)

For first-time users, sign up to receive 40% off and a free gift with every delivery.

Pros: You can choose fresh, organic grocery items from reliable brands. You're not confined to only making one meal with your ingredients (you have options).

Cons: The packaging contains a lot of plastic. The recipes are basic.

Cost: 8/10

Meal Variety: 8/10

Sustainability: 6/10 (offering plant-based options is a plus! But we hope they lose the plastic.)


Veestro offers affordable plant-based meals that are ready in minutes and delicious! In 2018, they were named the number one meal delivery service in Veg News Magazine. "Imagine devouring delicious, healthy meals daily without so much as lifting a pot." There is no cooking involved so this is literally pop in the microwave or heat up on the stove up and your meal is ready in minutes.

With creations like Red Curry Tofu, Country Fried Chick'n and Enchilada Casserole, you kind of can't go wrong. Select from a la carte, chef's choice or a weight loss plan and get noshing!

Veestro offers meal kits of 10, 20, or 30 meals with the option to subscribe and save 10% or deliver one time at a higher cost.

30 meals- $9.90 per meal

20 meals- $10.80 per meal

10 meals- $11.70 per meal

Sign up through their website to get 15 percent off your first order.

Cost: 9/10

Meal Variety: 9/10

Sustainability: 10/10 (they're 100% plant-based!)

Reviews: 9/10

Sun Basket is plant-centric with a vegetarian option. When selecting meals, customers must choose vegan options themselves to ensure plant-based recipes. An example of one of their vegan options is sweet and sour tofu with water chestnuts, snap peas and white rice. Along with vegetarian options they have paleo, lean and clean, carb-conscious, fresh and ready, pescatarian, gluten-free, Mediterranean, diabetes-friendly, and chef’s choice options. Sun Basket uses USDA certified organic produce. The convenient meals are crafted by a chef and approved by a dietitian.

  • 2 Recipes: 2 people $56 or 4 people- $88

  • 3 Recipes: 2 people- $72 or 4 people- $132

  • 4 Recipes: 2 people- $88 or 4 people- $176

Sun Basket charges a delivery fee of $5.99 and a shipping fee of $7.99. Get $35 off plus four free gifts on their website and the first week ships for free.

Pros: There are a variety of plant-based options from which to choose (4-8 meal options per week). They provide nutritious and unique recipes and some plant-based options to support the environment. Items are delivered frozen and require minimal prep. Customers select their own meal choices. The packaging is compostable or recyclable. Recipes approved by a registered dietitian.

Cons: They charge both a delivery and shipping fee. Not a completely plant-based company.

Cost: 7/10

Meal Variety: 7/10

Sustainability: 7/10

Reviews: 7/10

Daily Harvest is an exclusively plant-based meal delivery service providing a wide and unique range of foods such as smoothies, oat and chia bowls, flatbreads, harvest bowls, snacks, soups, lattes, bites, and ice cream. The customer directly selects each item of their choice. The company’s main focus is delicious and convenient foods built on real fruits and vegetables. They also source their food directly from farmers and use a majority of organic products. Daily harvest ships to 95% of the continental U.S. and shipping is completely free. The cost varies based on the item and a discount is applied if a great number of items are selected.

  • 9 items weekly: $5.99-$8.99 per item

  • 14 items weekly: $5.99-$8.99 per item with $10 off your total

  • 24 items weekly: $5.99-$8.99 per item with $20 off your total

Receive up to $25 off your first week of meals on your first order.

Pros: There are a variety of plant-based options from which to choose. They provide nutritious, fresh ingredients and they're plant-based so naturally, they help the environment. Items are delivered frozen and require minimal prep. Customers select their own items and all foods are vegan, gluten-free, and free of preservatives, additives, and fillers. Free shipping is a huge bonus. The packaging is compostable or recyclable.

Cons: Not all ingredients are organic. Relatively expensive as some items are snacks and not full meals. More of a supplemental meal kit.

Cost: 7/10

Meal Variety: 8/10

Sustainability: 10/10

Reviews: 8/10

*Note: All of these meal services are COMMITMENT FREE, you can pause or cancel anytime.

*Not sure where to recycle your meal kit packages? Find your local options here.

Have you tried a plant-based meal kit company that’s not listed? Let us know your thoughts and feedback about them in the comments!

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Alexa Birch
Alexa Birch
Feb 23, 2021

I’m thinking about getting on of these when I finally move into my own apartment. Seems so handy!

Replying to

Exciting about your new apartment Alexa! Let us know which one you choose and your thoughts about it. Also, we just heard that Leafside is great too!

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