Coronavirus Survival Kit: 5 Simple Steps to Health at Home

Updated: May 30

By now you're most likely working from home, balancing the future of uncertainty with work, on top of trying to keep the kids entertained. Oh, and then there are the fur kids who want ALL of your attention ALL of the time. (I mean, can you blame them? This is a dream come true for them! How often is it that you're home 24/7?)

Stress can wreak havoc on the body, whether it's physical (lack of activity, inflammatory foods, environmental toxins and nasty bugs) or mental (fear of the unknown, difficulty in managing the change in schedule, anxiety and worry about loved ones). Now, more than ever, it's important to cultivate healthy habits for your mind, body and soul.

The good news? There are some really simple things you can do while you're home (and include the kids!). Some of these things take less than five minutes—that's very little time in exchange for a colossal amount of mind and body power that will serve you and your family today and throughout your lifetime.

1. Start a 2-minute meditation practice

You literally can do this anywhere and at any time. Personally, I like to meditate first thing in the morning before the chaos of the day begins, plus it clears my head and sets the {{positive}} pace for the day. Several years ago, I decided to commit to only two minutes a day since my go-to habits included not sitting still, a racing mind and easily being distracted ("Chicken!"). Two minutes sounded painful. Gradually, I bumped that up to five minutes, then ten, then fifteen. Now, twenty minutes feels really lovely (kind of like a mini-getaway vacation of the mind). There are some days that I want to jump out of bed and dive straight into work, but I find that, if I stay committed to this practice, there are major rewards throughout the day like less reactivity to situations, more creativity, better productivity and overall a greater sense of well-being. Many times, if I'm not "feeling it" I'll tell myself "Just do five minutes" and before I know it twenty minutes has passed.

Here are some great apps to get started:

2. Use positive affirmations

What negative thought patterns give you a heavy, not-so-good feeling? Some examples might include:

  • "I'm not good enough"

  • "I look awful"

  • "I'm afraid of the future"

  • "I hate my body"

  • "I shouldn't have done that"

  • "I would if I had the time, but ..."