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How to Build a Plant-Powered Bowl in 15 Minutes

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Create delicious and nutritious plant based meals in less than 15 minutes by using a simple 3-step process! I'm Nichole with purely planted and excited to share THREE simple steps you can take today to help you make a variety of plant-based meals in a matter of minutes throughout the week. What's included: 1. Three steps to create a plant-powered bowl. 2. Downloadable menu options for grains, veggies, and plant-proteins. 3. Five (EASY) dressing recipes. 4. Recipe demo video for a Sweet Potato Lentil Bowl with Peanut Sauce. Why are plant-powered bowls so fantastic? *They take the guesswork out of "what's for dinner tonight?" *They can satisfy the entire family. *They're easy to assemble. *They can be super nutritious. *They can be different every night of the week. *With whole grains, colorful plants and a yummy plant-based sauce, you're creating a healthy gut. *They're high in fiber, which helps with digestion and satiety (and weight management). *They're packed with phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that help with skin, brain, gut, and overall health. *They can boost mood, support your immune system and help you sleep better (from the fiber and plant nutrients). *They can give you long lasting energy. *They can help to build confidence in the kitchen. *They're delicious! If you're ready to feel energized, happy, satisfied and your overall best self, then let's get started!

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How to Build a Plant-Powered Bowl in 15 Minutes

How to Build a Plant-Powered Bowl in 15 Minutes

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