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Vegan Sushi Inspiration

So I tried my hand at vegan sushi tonight. It always seemed daunting to me, but it actually turned out pretty simple and super fun to make!

Truth is, I love vegan sushi (extra spicy please) but I could never find a place that comes even close my fave LA spot Yuko Kitchen so I gave up on it...until last night when I was dying for veggie sushi with lots of wasabi! So I stocked up on ingredients from Freedom Farmers Market and Sevananda Natural Foods Co-Op, watched a YouTube video and got to work!

My point? National Nutrition Month Tip #30: Don’t let going vegan or eating more plant-based or trying something new seem daunting and discouraging. Find the inspiration to try new things. They might not be as daunting as they seem and, if they are, accept the challenge. Consider it an adventure and new experience that will keep you inspired to try more.

Want to try this challenge with me this week? Consider trying something you’ve been dying to make but have felt stuck or unsure ... or simply try something new you haven’t tried before. Google the plant-based ingredient to find an awesome vegan recipe. I’ll be posting the vegan sushi later in the week!

Grab the full sushi recipe and watch the video here!

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