Serve This Food With Dips Instead of Chips

Rather than “chips” and salsa/guac or “crackers” and artichoke dip, try crispy veggies like this stunning watermelon radish or cucumber or jicama. Not only do you skip out on the processed and potentially high-calorie foods but you gain that much more nutrition because you’re easily adding in high nutrient vegetables.

Fun story: my very good friend from high school, who is very non-vegan, had us over on Friday for dinner. He was kind of freaking out on what to make. Turned out he had a stunning spread of homemade guacamole, mango salad, chickpea salad, hummus and vegan chocolate peanut butter treats. It was all so yummy, not to mention, thoughtful.

He had fun with the vegan creations and everyone loved it! He offered tortilla chips, but also had cucumber and this gorgeous radish. His non-vegan guests were also there. Not only did they love the spread, but guess which dipping item went first? Yup, the cucumber and radish! So, for your next party consider feeding the friends and family you love with healthier whole food options.

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