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Optimize Nutrition With Farmers Market Finds

Happy Sunday!

It’s one of my favorite days because it’s an opportunity to recharge and reset for the week. Plus it’s fun to go through what I bought at the local farmers market where there’s always gorgeous, local produce. Sometimes it can be a challenge figuring out what to eat for the week—to get inspired I try to find one new thing that I’ve never tried before then search for a plant-based recipe with that ingredient to make for the week.

Local foods often contain significantly more nutrition. Look at all of the vibrant colors! Those colors are the result of plants making disease-fighting and anti-aging phytonutrients and, in general, the darker the color the more benefit you’ll receive. Ever notice that store brought produce can sometimes lack color and vibrancy? That’s because they are often picked way before they’re ripe so that they’re ready to eat by the time they make it to you. However, it could take weeks to travel across the country, get it on store shelves, make it into your fridge, then finally land on your plate—the combo of picking before it’s ripe and travel time can deplete its nutrition quite a bit. This early picking doesn’t allow fruits and veggies to fully produce antioxidants so they’re often 25-50% less nutritious than local produce that was harvested in its ripest form before moving to your plate a day or two later. In general, the more color the more nutrient dense and healing. Plus, local produce is so much better for the environment, producing less CO2 emissions while supporting local economy.

National Nutrition Month Tip #3

Shop local to get the most nutrition out of your food!

More nutrition equates to increased energy, decreased risk of heart disease and cancer, lower blood pressure, glowing skin, better focus and overall great health. Oh, and, not to mention, the flavor of local is delicious!

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