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Living Vegan for Dummies: An Essential Book for Those Who Are Vegan or Veg-Curious!

Living Vegan book

Boy, do I wish Living Vegan for Dummies was available when I first went vegan in 2013. If it were, it would have saved me over a year of trying to figure out what to eat, how to cook, and which supplements were needed to fill in some nutrient gaps while I was making the transition away from dairy and fish.

When you talk to anyone who identifies as vegan, you may ask, "how long have you been vegan?" Or, another common question is, "did you go vegan overnight or was it gradual?"

For me, it was a gradual transition to being vegan. I first ditched red meat in 1995 when I consumed a bad piece of red meat at a favorite New Jersey restaurant. It was not a night to remember. Needless to say, I never consumed red meat again. I stopped eating chicken in 2007 because I had a light bulb moment that chicken had eyes and, therefore, must have feelings too (took me long enough to figure out that one). Fish left my plate in 2009 after I read an article that fish have feelings too. I let chicken and fish go because of ethical reasons, but never associated dairy with being unethical. After all, I wasn't consuming the actual animal, therefore, it felt pretty benign. I realized how mistaken I was when I saw a video of a dairy factory farm in 2013. I really had no idea about the processes that took place for me to consume my beloved cheese and creamy desserts. The video had a huge impact on my heart and I knew I could never rightfully consume dairy again without replaying that video over and over again in my head. My heart was ready to let dairy go, but my palate was conflicted. How could I live without cheese? And where would I get protein once I remove every animal product? These are valid questions that most people have when going vegan or considering going vegan. These questions, plus many more, are answered succinctly, yet thoroughly, in Living Vegan for Dummies.

Living Vegan, by Cadry Nelson, provides a practical look at veganism for those who have already embraced the lifestyle, for anyone who is on the fence about trying it, or for those who want to understand the choices of the vegans in their life. Cadry explains what it means to be vegan and why this animal-friendly diet continues to climb in popularity.

living vegan for dummies book

In this guide, you'll learn what veganism is, how it’s different from vegetarianism, and why people choose to “go vegan.” If you're vegan-curious, this book may help you to decide whether veganism is for you and you'll get helpful tips on how to remove animal products from your plate (and what to add in place of them!). You'll also learn how to navigate social situations, helping friends and loved ones understand your dietary and lifestyle choices in a compassionate way. You'll get tons of inspiration and ideas for preparing vegan meals, eating out, and being vegan on a budget.

Do you have children or grandchildren interested in going vegan or perhaps they are already vegan? There are dedicated chapters for infants, children, teenagers, campus life, and athletes. Essentially, all age populations are covered in this book!

What I love most about Living Vegan is that Cadry gives you all of the fundamentals you need to be a healthy vegan, yet the book is also very practical and easy to follow with simple reminders and tips speckled throughout the book. Living Vegan For Dummies is a valuable resource for anyone who practices or is considering veganism, as well as for their friends and family who want to know more about the lifestyle.

If you’re ready to start transitioning to a vegan way of life, you’ll love this book’s simple action plans for making the switch—and making it stick. With this friendly Dummies guide, you’ll get the answers to all your questions.

Yes, you can get enough protein being vegan!

This comprehensive guide covers:

  • The reasons people go vegan

  • How to make that vegan dream a reality

  • The best way to navigate holidays and social gatherings

  • How to stock your pantry, create a grocery list, and meal plan

  • Ways to dine out and travel while eating meals free of meat, dairy, and eggs

  • Plus, 38 easy & doable recipes!

Grab yourself a copy or gift a vegan or vegan-curious friend Living Vegan for Dummies for the holidays! It's available anywhere you like to purchase books.

About the Cadry Nelson

book author

Cadry Nelson is the writer, photographer, and recipe creator at Cadry’s Kitchen, where she shares vegan comfort food classics that come together in about 30 minutes. She's also the author of Living Vegan For Dummies, 2nd edition.

After going vegan in 2007, Cadry knew she wanted to help others who were interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet. She’d grown up eating the standard American diet and understood that changing your habits could feel intimidating. So Cadry created easy, user-friendly recipes that would satisfy any craving, while using plant-based ingredients. Since starting her website in 2009, she’s developed hundreds of recipes, taken countless photos, and helped readers all over the globe to prepare vegan dishes in their own kitchens.

Cadry’s work has been featured on NBC News, Mashable, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Parade, Huffington Post, VegNews, and Vegan Food & Living. She has spoken at veg fests and blogging conferences, as well as doing public cooking demonstrations. Cadry has collaborated with a variety of brands to develop recipes using their products, as well as showcase their vegan products. She has also worked with many tourism boards to promote vegan options in their cities. She delights in showing that tasty vegan fare can be found anywhere - even in most unlikely of places.


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