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Happy World Vegan Day!

Updated: May 30, 2022

Visiting the sweet residents at Sweet Olive Farm

When you hear World Vegan Day, what comes to mind? For me, it's "life." Celebrating World Vegan Day sounds like a celebration of life in several ways because:

  1. Eating plant-based foods creates vitality and vibrancy (i.e. living your best life).

  2. Life of all sentient beings should be celebrated and honored. All species have a special place on earth. They balance the ecosystem and help it thrive, creating a better place for all beings (including us!).

  3. Eating plants is more sustainable for the planet, giving it (and us) life. (On the contrary, animal agriculture pollutes our fresh water, land and air, not to mention the toxins that enter our bodies when we eat animal-based products.)

Here's the awesome thing: you don't have to be 100 percent vegan to celebrate World Vegan Day. By substituting just one vegan meal a week for an animal-based meal, you can make a big impact on your health, reduce your carbon footprint and, of course, save animals. Or maybe try Meatless Monday by eating plant-based for one day a week. OR, if you want to go all the way, here is a 3-day sample vegan meal plan to help you get started, including a few of my favorite (and simple!) plant-based recipes.


These burgers are so easy, tasty and nutritious that you'll most likely never buy a frozen veggie patty again!

Here's an easy way to add all of those superfood ingredients you purchased but aren't quite sure what to do with them — flax seeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds all wrapped up into one yummy bite!

This dish is one of my faves for two reasons: it's packed with flavor and super easy.


Not only is this power plant-based wrap bursting with flavor but it only takes minutes to prepare!

These chocolate chip tahini bites are super tasty and make a delicious after dinner treat or breakfast on the run.

Fresh herbs, lots of bright colors, edamame and ginger — need I say more?


*For the homemade granola, I personally love this recipe from Cookie and Kate.

This, you guys, might be one of the easiest and most flavorful recipes on the planet. It's a little sweet, salty, sour and spicy, making it really satisfying.

For any of these menus, you can:

  • Mix and match meals (swap day one breakfast for day three or day two lunch for day one, etc).

  • Add as many more veggies, herbs and spices as you like!

  • Cut back on portions if you want less calories.

  • Double up on portions if you're an athlete looking for more calories.

  • Swap out one fruit for another that you love.

  • Swap out one grain for another.

It's all about your personal preference! This is meant to be a guide and you can custom the plan based on what plant-based foods you love most.

If you try the plan or any of the recipes, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about your experience!

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