FREE Plant-Strong and Thriving Summit!

Looking for a new year, new you way of eating that includes health tips for ABUNDANCE and not restriction?

I have exciting news that can help! I am part of a FREE virtual summit called Plant-Strong and Thriving that will give you lots of amazing info on how to add more plants to your plate for optimal health and radiant living. Plus, it's virtual so you can attend from the comfort of your couch. (PJs with a cup of tea and pet by your side are welcome!)

Here is what you'll get in this virtual summit:

  • Video presentations by plant-based experts

  • Live opportunity to chat with experts during each presentation

  • A non-judgemental all inclusive environment

Topics include:

  • Dairy-Free Alternatives for Your Favorite Dairy Foods

  • All about Air Fryers (how to use them and what to make)

  • Plant-Based Protein

  • How to Get Meaty Textures From Plants

  • Vegan Athletes

  • Meal Planning

  • All About Fiber

  • Natural Immunity

  • Teens and Healthy Habits

  • Gut Health

How do you join? I'm glad you asked! There are two options:

  1. Free Pass- Yep, if you're schedule allows, you can watch all presentations for free! Keep in mind, they expire at the end of each day.