9 Ways to Stay Healthy (in the eyes of a rescue dog)

How to stay healthy (in the eyes of a rescue dog)

  1. Get outside and soak up the sunshine.

  2. Discover a city by walking and exploring.

  3. Be curious.

  4. Stop to feel the air on your face and grass under your feet.

  5. Greet strangers with a tail wag (a.k.a. smile).

  6. Be flexible and go with the flow.

  7. Take pleasure and be grateful for the simple things (like meal time and belly rubs).

  8. Enjoy the silence - simply lying next to your favorite human speaks louder than words.

  9. Give unlimited love, hugs and kisses.

National Nutrition Month Tip #22

Before you can make solid (plant-based) nutrition and healthy choices, get grounded, take time to be present and practice gratitude. It’ll create an environment where you’ll want to choose only good things for your body, the planet and animals.

Check out Mara’s healthy adventure in San Diego at the Kimpton Solamar Hotel this past week!

Meeting each other again in the hotel room after a long day of conferences for me! Nothing like a pup hug.

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