10 (Delicious) Plant-Based Super Bowl Recipes

Updated: Feb 7

Are you gearing up for one of the biggest (socially-distanced in the times of COVID) parties of the year? Whether it's a party of one or a small handful of folks you've been hanging with since the start of COVID (wow, it's been two years, you are definitely besties now), we've got your Super Bowl celebration covered with flavorful, satisfying, and fun celebratory food that is also good for you! From Sweet 'n Spicy Smashed Chickpea Quesadillas to 10-Minute Prep Vegan Chili to Creamy Mac 'n Cheese, these recipes are made with whole, plant-based foods that transform into comfort-style deliciousness.

The moral of the story here ... plant-based eating can be fun and indulgent without harming your health or the planet. These recipes are a testament to that!

Pro-tip: Make extra so you have leftover to heat up throughout the week.

Sweet and Spicy Smashed Chickpea Quesadilla

This quesadilla is bursting with sweetness from the onions to savory from the spiced chickpeas. It was inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks, Power Plates (highly recommend). It's easy to make and perfect as a snack or as a fun appetizer.

Quick and Easy Spicy Vegan Chili

This vegan chili will WOW your guests and may even convert non-vegans into vegans. I made this for a Super Bowl party years ago and it was devoured while the meat chili was left behind. (True story!) What's more, it's incredibly simple to make. You can leave it in a large bowl and serve as a dip with whole-grain chips by its side or scoop a spoonful onto chips for a quick bite-size little snack.

Chickpea Salad

Not only is this plant-based protein powered dish bursting with flavor but it only takes minutes to prepare! It's also very versatile. You can add the chickpea salad to a green salad, make it into sandwich bites, or serve it with crackers.

Creamy Mac 'n Cheese with Broccoli

This comforting and creamy mac 'n cheese was inspired by Glue & Glitter's Baked Macaroni and Cheese. It’s super creamy from the cashew cheese and crunchy from the tofu croutons. The tofu croutons bake at the same time as the Mac n Cheese — pretty convenient! If you want to use panko crumbs or whole-grain breadcrumbs in place of tofu, that's totally fine. Or, if you want to simplify it even more, skip the croutons altogether. The macaroni and cheese all by itself is still really yummy! (pictured above without the croutons) P.S. The whole family will love this one!

Better Than Your Frozen Black Bean Burgers

This unbelievably delicious and simple black bean burger recipe was inspired by Minimalist Baker a few years ago. They're so easy, tasty and nutritious that you'll most likely never buy a frozen veggie patty again. Double the recipe below so you have plenty for your guests and lunch for yourself later in the week.

Herbed Cashew Cheese

Friends, if you haven't made cashew "cheese" yet, here's your chance. It might be one of the simplest things to make on a plant-based menu and is so versatile. This cheese is great spread on crackers, used as a veggie dip, or made into mini sandwiches with fixings like tomato, basil, radish or whatever veggies you have on hand and want to add for some texture and flavor.

Loaded Potato Nachos

This is another crowd-pleaser! When I first made these as a test recipe, I left them in the kitchen close to hungry family members. I left the kitchen to let them cool and came back to an empty baking sheet! Sheesh, they couldn't even wait. But, that's okay, because the true taste test is when a recipe is devoured before you even get to try it! Get creative with this one, if you'd like, and add your own favorite veggie toppings.

Grill-able Beet Burgers with Smashed Avocado and Pickled Onions

This is one of my go-to favorites because the burgers are simple to make, hearty, and grill-able! They stay together well. The combination of beet burger plus smashed avocado plus pickled red onions is so so yummy! And, for those of you who dislike beets, they don't taste like beets at all yet you get the full nutrient-rich benefits of beets (fiber, iron, vitamin C, and phytonutrients).

Sweet Potato Biscuits

These are just fun and great for little finger bite snacks. Warning: Brushing maple over top makes them slightly addictive! If it's a party for one or two, make them as directed. If it's for a larger gathering, double or triple the recipe (especially if you want to keep some for yourself!).