6 Travel Essentials to Stay Healthy

Recently, I traveled from Atlanta to San Diego for work. There are some things that I never leave home without to ensure a healthy, peaceful trip. Since I rarely turn off work at home, I use flying as an opportunity to unwind and chill. How about you? Are you someone who loves to fly or loathes flying?

Here's my list of healthy items to bring:

•Anti-anxiety Breathe Magazine (or Veg News or a good yoga book) •Bamboo Tumbler that can serve as tea steeper or reusable water bottle • Pukka Herbs US energizing green tea and immune-boosting elderberry and echinacea tea (my personal fave organic tea brand!) •dark chocolate (an absolute must as the airports don't always carry pure dark) •not seen-homemade tahini power bites (see vegan recipe from earlier this week) •calming dog (my travel companion)

What are your fave travel essentials?

National Nutrition Month Tip #19

Stay healthy while traveling by packing plant-based nutrition essentials like nuts, seeds, tea, homemade energy bites and stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle.

Outtakes from the photo shoot...Mariposa stays in pose for a very long time!

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