5 Tips for Easy Plant-Based Meal Prep

Updated: May 30

Adapting to a new mindset around your way of eating can be tough for many.  Learning a whole new way of cooking and thinking about food preparation can freeze you in your tracks, or worse yet, cause you to abandon the whole plan!  These five practical tips for plant-based meal preparation are meant to encourage and make your life easier.

1.  Nail down breakfast

You have to make so many decisions every single day.  Why not take one of those decisions off your plate and have the same breakfast each morning?  Find something that you love, that you look forward to, that will start your day off energized and healthy!  Try a smoothie with almond milk, oats, spinach, frozen berries and a banana. Or make overnight oats with almond milk, cinnamon, apple chunks and walnuts.  What about avocado toast with arugula, sprouts and seeds? When breakfast becomes a no-brainer, your entire day is off to a smoother start.

2.  Keep grab-n-go snacks on hand (to avoid making last-minute decisions while hungry!)

If you have ever fallen into the trap of starting your day out perfectly only to get derailed a few hours later because you’re suddenly starving and not prepared, you know how important this tip can be.  Having a healthy snack in your bag for in between lunch and dinner can be the difference between a successful day and a disastrous one. Fresh fruit is always a great choice as well as small bags of nuts.  Larabars are another favorite to keep on hand and are very satisfying. Or try making your own granola bar like this one from Minimalist Baker.  Individual packets of nut butter are also convenient to carry.  These portable powerhouses will keep you in control of your appetite until you can find a healthy option at lunch or dinner time.